"The most comprehensive and complete prison manual I've ever seen……. A must for anyone who has to endure the federal prison system"
R. Karpel (Criminal Defense Lawyer)

"This is great, I would like to give this manual to all of my clients."
M. S. (Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer)

"This manual tells it like it is. It's straight up. Serious business. No nonsense. It's packed with solid information on how to protect one's rights while doing time."
L. B. (Former Probation Officer)

"A federal judge agreed with a former prison inmate yesterday that if he was 'strip searched' four times, and each time it was on a Jewish holiday, that is more than coincidence."
The Arizona Daily Star (written about the author's federal lawsuit)

"Appellants certainly should have been aware that discriminating against (defendant) on the basis of his religion and increasing his punishment without due process are actions that violate the Constitution."
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Part of memorandum of the author's case)







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