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Justice, The Scales Must Be Balanced

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American Civil Liberties Union

A freedom network committed to American Civil Liberties. Issues listed include: Criminal Justice, Cyber-Liberties, Death Penalty, Drug Policy, Free Speech, Prisons, Police Practices, Privacy, and many more.

Amnesty International - USA

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International is a grassroots activist organization whose one-million strong members are dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, to gaining fair trials for political prisoners, to ending torture, political killings and "disappearances," and to abolishing the death penalty throughout the world. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) is the U.S. Section of this international human rights movement.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

Families Against Mandatory Minimums Foundation (FAMM Foundation) is a national organization of citizens working to reform federal and state mandatory sentencing laws that remove judicial discretion. To ensure equity and fairness at all stages of the sentencing process, FAMM also works to improve sentencing guidelines. Formed in 1991, FAMM has 18,000 members and 25 volunteer-run chapters across the country. To accomplish our goal, FAMM educates the public and policymakers about mandatory sentences through media outreach, grassroots campaigns, and direct action. FAMM does not argue that crime should go unpunished--but that the punishment should fit the crime.


An organization focused on reforming the Federal Prison System.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility has jurisdiciton that is limited to reviewing allegations of misconduct made against Department of Justice employees which involves the core functions of prosecution, litigation, and investigation. Complaints against Department of Justice employees must be forwarded to OPR in writing. No particular forms are required. The complaint should include the names and titles of the individuals suspected of misconduct, the details of the allegations including case names, and any other relevant information. Complaintants should include copies of any documentation they have pertaining to the matter.

Prison Activist Resource Center

The source for progressive and radical information on prisons and the criminal prosecution system.

U. S. Department of Justice

StorState Online Backup & Recovery

StorState offers a fully automated and cost effective online backup and recovery solution combining complete data protection, retention, off-site electronic vaulting, and professional monitoring. Eliminate the weak elements in your data protection plan and ensure you can recover from data loss, not just backup.

Prison Legal News

Dedicated to protecting human rights.

Detox Labs

Detox Labs offers products that will help you with passing a drug test.


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